LAVA BAR - chocolate that mends broken heart

LAVA BAR是世界上首个液体巧克力糖果巴,其宣传语说是这些液体巧克力是修补受伤的心的胶水,这段视频是BUBI他们为LAVA BAR做的广告吧。这段时间大家都有些无奈和郁闷,在中国还没有LAVA BAR卖,如果真的可以把大家的受伤的心象粘胶水一样简单地修复,那这个巧克力肯定卖断市了。但在这个时候看这样的一个广告,听着地下丝绒的经典老歌《Pale Blue Eyes》,在抑郁中寻找一丝的安慰。希望大家都会好起来。

Sometimes I feel so happy
Sometimes I feel so sad ……
Linger on,
your pale blue eyes Linger on,
your pale blue eyes ……

以下转自FLICKR的BUBI原话: This is the animation of a liquid chocolate called Lava Bar (The Lava Bar is the world’s first liquid chocolate candy bar. It is the glue that mends broken hearts.) Though i havent try that lava bar, my good friend gave me a box of cocoa powder, whenever i am upset, i would make a cup of hot chocolate drink, that do help to soothe my mind. Chocolate is a good pill to me Esp thanks to my good friend siu o who make me smile and share good music with me during my stress time, love u always I am still busy for my own stuff and wish you all Happy New Year!